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Welcome to our Wine Estate!

Our family has been engaged in the art of wine making for over 450 years.


It is this enthusiasm and idealism for vines and wines which deterrmines the quality and style of our products.

The careful selection of those varietals which grows best in the mild climate of Palatinate is the first step in producing fine wines.


The vines are cultivated and tended all year round. More than half of the vines planted produce red wines.

The vineyards and the cellars are looked after by Dipl. Ing. agrar Ralf Anselmann and his experienced team.

Sales and after-sales service are looked after by Dipl. Ing. agrar Ralf Anselmann and Dipl. Kffr. Ruth Anselmann.


Mrs. Messerschmitt, Mrs Schwäger, Mrs. Kühner, Mrs. Braun, Mr. Collardey and Mr. Müßig are glad to answer any questions you may have about export, deliveries and transport.

We would like to share our enthusiasm and idealism with you in being able to present wines you are bound to fall in love with.

The tasting room is where the tasting team gives you expert but unbiased advise.

If you have any questions please contact us. We could answer you in English, French, Spanish and of course German.

Offizieller Partner Deutsches Haus Rio 2016

2010 State Prize of Honour/ Staatsehrenpreis 2010

3.12.2010 At a Gala Evening the Weingut Werner Anselmann was awarded a 2010 State Prize of Honour of the State Government of Rhineland-Palatinate.


This prize ist awarded for special achievement at the wine and sparkling wine competition of the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Agriculture.

2010 Federal Prize of Honour in Gold/ Wine Maker of the year 2010


The wine and sekt estate Gebrüder Anselmann GmbH is the DLG Wine Maker of the Year and winner of the 2010 Federal Prize of Honour in Gold!

The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection awards just one gold, one silver and several bronze Federal Prizes of honour annually. We are accordingly very excited at being awarded this high accolade.

The basis for the award is our outstanding performance at the 2010 DLG (German Agricultural Society) Federal Wine Competition. The Anselmann family were delighted to receive 2 top prize awards in Gold Extra and a further 20 gold and 30 silver DLG prizes for their wines and sparkling wines

left to right: DLG Präsident Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, Gerd, Ruth and Ralf Anselmann, Ministerialdirektor Dr. Theodor Seegers and German Wine Princess Katja Bohnert

2009 Federal Prize of Honour in Silver

27. 10.2009

The wine and sekt estate Gebrüder Anselmann GmbH was awarded with a 2009 Federal Prize of Honour in Silver. The Awarding Ceremony took place in Heilbronn. The German Wine Queen presented the prize winning wineries.


left to right: Ministerialdirektor Dr. Theodor Seegers, Ralf Anselmann, Dt. Weinkönigin Sonja Christ, Gerd Anselmann and DLG Präsident Carl-Albrecht Bartmer

Official Wine Partner of the German Basketball Federation

Wine for the Olympic Games in Peking 2008

2008 the Anselmann family was able to provide the "German House" in Peking with wines. The winery was the Official Partner of the German House during the Games in China. The German House is the meeting point for all the athletes, press, media and business people.



Loading of the Wine for the "German House" in Peking 2008
Karl Kamps (Sporthilfe Rheinland-Pfalz), Ralf Anselmann, Wine Queen of Palatinate Julia Becker, Soccer World Champion Ursula Holl and Gerd Anselmann

Farewell Party
Ruth Anselmann, Olympic Champion Anna Dogodnaze and Ralf Anselmann

Farewell Party for the Athletes to Peking
Ruth Anselmann, World Champion in foil fencing Peter Joppich and Ralf Anselmann

Paralympics 2006 in Séstriere Ralf Anselmann, Weinkönigin Katja Schweder, Gerd Schönfelder und Bundespräsident Horst Köhler
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