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Our family has been dedicated to the art of wine making for over 400 years.It is this enthusiasm and idealism for vines and wines which determines the quality and style of our products. The careful selection of those varietals which grow best in the mild climate of Palatinate is the first step in producing fine wines.


The vines are cultivated and tended all year round. More than half of the vines planted produce red wines. The vineyards and the cellars are looked after by Dipl. Ing agrar Ralf Anselmann and his experienced team.


The tasting room is where Inge Anselmann gives you expert but unbiased advise. Sales and after-sales service are looked after by Dipl. Ing. agrar Ralf Anselmann and Dipl. Kffr. Ruth Anselmann, Mrs. Meckes, Ms. Messerschmidt and Ms. Lieberich are glad to answer any questions you may have about export, deliveries and transport.


We would like to share our enthusiasm and idealism with you in being able to present wines you are bound to fall in love with. If you have any questions please contact us. We can answer in English, French, Spanish and of course German.

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